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How to Get a Business Loan
Real Estate
Owner-occupied properties can get up to $5,000,000 commercial financing. 


100% financing is available up to $5 million for owner-occupied commercial real estate with an SBA loan. Most existing SBA-eligible small businesses/borrowers should be eligible as long as they have a solid owner/guarantor with good personal credit, stable cash flow for the business for approximately the last 2 years (as evidenced by tax returns and interim financial statements) and a debt service coverage ratio of 1.25x.

Mon to Fri, 9am to 6pm
Modern Office
  • General Purpose or Multi-Use buildings (buildings that could be occupied by most any type of business)

  • Professional Office Buildings for CPA's, Attorneys and others

  • Office Condos

  • Medical Buildings - click here for info including new 25 year fixed rate program

  • Dental Practice Buildings - click here for info including new 25 year fixed rate program

  • Veterinary Clinics and Hospitals - click here for info including new 25 year fixed rate program

  • Some Quick Serve and Fast Food Franchise Restaurants

  • Auto Repair Facilities (NEW) - both independent and franchises in good standing as long as lifts are above ground. Also eligible would be tire businesses, muffler and transmission sales and repair and other similar automotive businesses.

  • Refinance and pull out cash from your commercial buildings

Decision in Minutes - No Obligation


Apply Online in just a few minutes or call us at directly at 877-237-7703

M-F 7AM - 6PM


Our team evaluates your business and provides a decision in minutes. Typically everyone gets approved.


Sign your contract and receive your money in as fast as 24 hours.

Doctor Checking a Form

Talega helped me erase a $250,000 tax lien.  The IRS officer was a day away from levying our bank account.  With the Tax Debt erased I can sleep again. 

Dr. N

General Practitioner

Albuquerque, New Mexico

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